The Whicker Family 2011
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    Tara & Andy Hart


Tara and Andy Hart now live in Katy, Texas, a suburb of Houston.  They welcomed their 4th child to their home in January, little Samantha.  Andy works with a big oil company as one of their main accountants, and made the big jump this year to CPA!  They are enjoying having Tara's cousin, Elder CJ Lindsey, serving his LDS mission right in their ward for the past 9 months or so!  What an unusual opportunity for them all.

Tyler continues to show his intelligence by doing extremely well in school.  He and his sister, Audrie, are very close and love to be together.  Audrie has matured significantly in her schooling this year, testing very high in many areas of the curriculum.  Kaylee is just plain adorable, and her talking has improved much! 

And if you want to see some very cute pictures of the new baby Samantha, go to Tara's blog at - she is a GREAT photographer.



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