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Lyndsey continues her studies at BYU in Elementary Education.  She came home with a surprise a couple of months ago, with a decision to put her degree on hold after Winter Semester 2012, to serve an LDS mission!  She's already begun the paperwork, and plans to leave as soon after April as possible.  When she returns, all she'll have left is a one-year internship and maybe a couple of classes, and then she'll be a bonafide teacher.

We're, of course, very excited about her plans, and hope she gets to go to a Spanish speaking area, to keep up the family tradition.  But wherever she goes, we know it will be the Lord's will.  Lyndsey has an extremely strong and vibrant testimony of the gospel of Christ, and will be a wonderfully beautiful witness of Him.  She has always been full of love, and has a winning smile that shines in her eyes - that light will surely make others look to understand where it comes from.

Lyndsey's fun blog is found at


Lyndsey, in a very rare moment, allows her younger sister to braid her hair.  That level of trust is hard to come by!


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