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Cami & Shane Ford
Married 26 July 2003
for time and all eternity
Washington DC Temple

Andy, Tara & Tyler
affectionately known as "AT&T"
now living in Houston

     As mentioned, Cami got married this summer!  On a beautiful, bright sunny day she joined hands in the Washington D.C. Temple to a fine young man by the name of Shane Ford.   They make a very cute couple, and are settling into the new world of married life.  Looks like they’re hoping to go finish his college at the University of Virginia, a couple of hours from here, starting next fall.  He wants to get into the medical field, so maybe we’ll have a rich son-in-law to care for us when we get old(er).  They seem very happy, and are doing all the right things to set a strong foundation for their eternal union. 




     Tara and Andy moved to Houston, Texas, from Utah, in August.  They bought a beautiful new home there, where Andy is starting out his accounting career with Price, Waterhouse, Coopers.  I think it’s been a real transition for them on many fronts:  geography, work, and home.  18-month-old Tyler keeps them in stitches; from the looks of things, he’s really blossoming in personality.  We’re excited to see him and them for Christmas.  He’s our only grandchild so far, but Tara announced a couple of weeks ago that he’ll have a sibling by next summer!  Wowzers!  That’ll make us grandparents times two!