From the Whicker Family in Virginia, USA! 

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It has been a very fast-moving year, as always.  The four of us remaining in the house are enjoying living in Virginia again it seems to be home for us, after having been assigned here 3 times in our career. 

Our house has lots of extra room lately (so you can come visit!) Taras been gone a while, Cami got married in July (more about that later), and with Jami and Ali away at BYU getting their college education, it leaves just me, Pam, Lyndsey and Katie here at home!  Never have we had such a small group since 1983, when Jami was born.

Im still in the military, working for the Air Force homeland security directorate.  Its a good job, but challenging enough.  Ill mark 24 years of service in April, and am starting to make plans for moving on to a 2nd life, post-Air Force.  That will mean lots of changes, probably in the summer of 2005, but possibly sooner, depending on a few unknown factors.  Were excited to see how the Lord leads us in the next couple of years.  Im close to qualifying for a teaching certificate, if that turns out to be the right path.

Pam has found lots of enjoyment in working with her new hobby:  embroidery.  Shes really learning how to make this embroidery machine zing, Ill tell ya!  Shes been making lots of Christmas items the last couple of months and youd be amazed at the quality.  Of course, she doesnt get near as much time to do it as shed like, with all the motherly duties that are always pressing.