The Last of the Story  

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Lyndsey, Ali & Jami
at Ali's high school graduation
June 2003

Jami’s finishing off her junior year at BYU this spring, where she’s decided to major in audiology and speech language pathology.  That’ll require her to go on and add a master’s degree to make her competitive in that field.  She’s enjoying her college years, and lives with her sister Ali in Provo.  She’s really getting a kick out of the dating game lately.  Sounds like she’ll stay there in Utah this summer, which is sad for us parents, as we enjoy her presence a lot around here!  But, we’ll at least get to see her at Christmas, and then again in February for Katie’s baptism.

Ali is already a sophomore at BYU.  She tested out of several credit hours, and went to summer semester, so after one full calendar year of college, she’ll be a junior already by next fall!  Wowzers!  She’s in a hurry to get on with life, I guess!  She will be coming home this summer, which is great news for us.  I think she might miss us just a little!  And her new brother-in-law Shane wants her to meet his brother, Troy, who is just returning from his mission to Chile.  We all want to see what would happen if you mix two goofynuts in the same batch!

Katie & Lyndsey
Baseball Stars!

     Lyndsey is pulling terrific grades in school!  She seems to thrive on doing good.  Her volleyball team was extremely successful this year, and she was the star of the junior team.  She was also the star of her softball team last summer.  Don’t know how she got to be such a sporty girl!  But she really loves it. And, she’s president of her young women’s group at church.

Katie also loves sports, and has followed in her big sister’s footsteps by playing T-ball this summer.  She really wants to do karate or soccer now, so we’ll have to look at some other options for her this coming year.  She and Lyndsey are both going to start piano lessons in January too.  They seem to want to do more, so why slow them down?  Katie’s health has been superb this year, and she’s looking forward to being baptized in February.

We send our love and greetings to all of you, and express our appreciation for your friendship.  We anticipate lots of joy this year, and pray that 2004 may be a wonderful year filled with blessings to you and yours too!  You can always reach us via email at or on the web at  We rejoice in Christ, and hope you are getting the most from His glorious gifts to all!


Glenn, Pam &

the Whickerettes