Not even the world

Comes between 'em now

Grandma Beulah
She was 83 years young in this shot of July 1986.   Ain't she a beauty?
(Died 2 Feb 96)

"While this couple Ben and Beulah never had many material possessions, we children never were aware that we were poor, as we felt so much love from our parents and each other.  I never remember feeling any contention in our home in my life, except for a few minutes after Mom noticed that Dad had cut all my hair off, right down to the scalp!  I was quite concerned for my Dad's health for a few seconds after Mom looked up and saw me.  I had never seen such a look in her eyes before, or since."

- Third Child and Only Son,
Ben R. Whicker
2 January 1994
The Love Knot

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Grandpa Ben
A month short of 88 years old in this October 1986 photo.
(Died 1 Nov 90)