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Shown here with their daughter Rea and Son-in-Law Ben,
Grandpa Forrest and Grandma Mae represent the solid heritage we've all inherited.  Hard-working, kind,and God-fearing,this is quality!

Edythe M. Rintoul, Rea M., and Forrest S. Clodfelter, 1935

Canine Costs - a spoof on G'pa's famous riddle

He's great with a riddle, Gives priceless advice;
Done well with his money - Can sniff a good price;
He's fun to converse with, He's quick in the head;
Knows more 'bout this world Than he's ever said.
I've kept him in mind As I've developed and grown;
He's been an example I'm glad to have known.
But one thing's been lackin' For years end-on-end:
Can't remember that joke 'Bout how much to spend!

"If a dog and a dollar Could be bought for a dime,
How much would it take To make this thing rhyme?"
Wait, let me see, Is that how it goes?
I've heard it for years - You'd think I'd still knows!
"If you added a dime To a crisp and clean dollar,
Would it be quite enough To make your dog holler?"
Can't think now for sure - I know I'll remember.
Just give me a chance To return from my slumber...

"How many thin dimes Are found in a dollar?
I surely don't know - Ask that dog in a collar!"
Now, that's more like it: I knew it'd come back.
But something's not quite right, Its just a bit off-track.
"If a dog and a collar Cost a dime and a dollar
And the dog cost a dollar more than the collar,
How much did the collar cost?"
I think that's now got it, But can't tell quite for sure
'Cuz as often as he told it, I never leaned the answer!

- Grandson Glenn