Dear Cousin,                                                        March 2000

"The New Wicker/Whicker Family" is completely sold out. In just two

short years, all 400 copies have gone. However, all is not lost!!

Higginson Book Company is reprinting our book. Copies may be purchased

from them. Their address is 148 Washington Street, Salem, MA 01970,

telephone 978-745-7170, or e-mail You may obtain prices

from them by mail, telephone, or by e-mail! The price that I just heard (7

February) is $82.50. That is with the discount.

Higginson informs me that if you tell them that you are my referral,

they will give you a discount. So, by all means, do so!

Thank you for your query or order. May our tribe increase!

Sincerely, Fenton Wicker