Greetings! As a potential member of our mailing list, it is important for you to know that we take security very seriously. As we've grown in size, there have been several attempts by unscrupulous people who have no real business being part of our 'family'group' to join the list under assumed names. In order to keep such people out, we now require that all new applicants provide us a phone number so that the list owner can contact you to verify you are who you say you are. 

THE PHONE NUMBER WILL NOT BE SEEN BY THE GROUP AT LARGE. However, either the owner or one of his two assistants may call you before approving your membership. We are sorry to have to be so hard-nosed about this requirement. However, it makes our community safer. Please send your phone number, along with the best time to call to   You will not be considered for membership without providing a valid phone number. In fact, due to Yahoo's new system, your name will be automatically deleted if your pending membership is not approved within 14 days of submission. If we do not get BOTH the introduction and your phone number within that 2 week period, you will have to completely resubmit your request. 


Treacher List Owner