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2007 Was a Good Year!

We didn't have to move; we didn't change jobs; there were no major accidents; and, we DOUBLED the number of grandchildren!  Here's a recap of our lives, with those of us living at home profiled here on the front page; and our daughters who have 'flown the coop' highlighted in their own links at the left.  We send our love and prayers to each of you who has influenced our lives for the better.  May 2008 hold great treasures for you!



  • endured 5 additional surgeries on his leg (remember that ugly accident in 2006?):  February, June, July, September and December; six more weeks of antibiotics in 2008 should ensure the bone infection never returns...
  • called to serve as stake clerk at Church (August)
  • continued to build the Air Force Junior ROTC program at Dixie High School, where he teaches Aviation History, the Science of Flight, and Private Pilot Ground School
  • Built a pool in our side yard, despite not having a leg to stand on (thanks to some unbelievably KIND neighbors)!

Glenn receiving hyperbaric medical treatment

  • sewed up a storm for grandchildren, parents, husband, kids and even neighbors and friends using her SIX sewing machines, two of which embroider!
  • served in the Primary and was recently called to teach the adult Gospel Doctrine class in Sunday School
  • attended to a crippled husband all year long...
  • traveled to assist 3 daughters giving birth to 3 new grandchildren - once again, fate favored the female gender:  2 granddaughters (Tara & Jami) and 1 grandson (Cami)
  • finished settling in to her new desert environment

             Pam and Addie



  • missed out on school volleyball this year because of an untimely sprained ankle the day before tryouts
  • enjoyed being in the Dixie High Madrigals singing group
  • got her driver's license and now drives a cute little Chevy S-10 used pickup truck - talk about a stylin' woman!
  • keeps up her straight "A" grades as a junior in high school
  • serves as the Laurel Class President in Young Women

Lyndsey's New Hair


  • escaped having a major surgery (called a craniotomy) in June because she got sick - she was happy; we were confused, because we'd worked hard to get to that point
  • graduated to "intermediate" school - a level between elementary and middle school in this district
  • steps up into Young Women at Church in January
  • loves her horseback riding lessons

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