Merry Christmas 2005
rom the Glenn & Pam Whicker Family

 Short and sweet this year, but at least we're doing something!  Last year we were completely incommunicado, due to Glenn's retirement preparations.  There was a bit of consternation as we transitioned from the protective cocoon of an Air Force commission after 25 years of service, to the great new world of civlianship.  But, it all worked out well, and in fact, feels wonderful to be so free and full of options.
   Glenn finished his teaching certificate in August, and his masters in education this month.
    Pam sewed up a storm, had a great time being a grandmother, mother, sister, daughter and friend, and got some fulfillment in one of her best talents:  teaching the gospel of Christ.
    Cami, Shane & Brinly (CBS as we affectionately call them), are in Harrisonburg, Virginia, about 2 hours from us.  We love the fact that we can see them often.
    Tara, Andy, Tyler and Audrie are in Houston, Texas.  We visited them for Thanksgiving, and that's where the family portrait and our couple photo to the right come from.
    In June, we married off daughter #3, JamiAnn, to James Harward from Utah Valley.  Jami graduated from Brigham Young University just this month, and James is working toward his degree.

Glenn & Pam, November 2005

Lyndsey, September 2005

    Ali will start her last semester at BYU in January, finishing her college career a year early, due to her attendance at summer sessions and CLEPTing out of some courses.  She's been pursued by several boys, but has not decided yet to allow any of them into her heart on a permanent basis! 
    Lyndsey started high school, early-morning Seminary, played volleyball for the Junior Varsity team, and yet managed to come home with straight A's her first quarter!  She also enjoyed a pioneer trek with the Church youth, and volleyball camp at BYU.
    Katie didn't have any surgeries this year, but did upgrade to a digital bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA), which is supposed to be much better than her old analog one; however, it has caused us quite a few problems, and we're not completely sold yet.  But the company that makes them did give us one for free, so we certainly cannot complain!
We send you all our love, and pause to think of you often.  We rejoice in the blessing of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, his birth, sacrifice, ascension and leadership today.  May we all do what He asks of us, that we may live with Him eternally as families, friends and neighbors. 

Merry Christmas!

The Whole Gang, Houston, November 2005
Back:  Andy, Glenn, Shane, Ali
Middle:  Tara, Audrie, Pam, Tyler, Katie, Brinly, Cami, Lyndsey
Front:  The Newlyweds, James & Jami