The Miracle Girl

A gal moved into our ward in February and became very interested in Katie.  Her name is Karen Lawyer, and she told Pam one day that with her artistic training, she could take a photo of Katie and draw a picture of what she would look like without the Treacher Collins Syndrome.  We thought that would be interesting, so we gave her the go-ahead.  This is the result.  Isn't it really neat?

Katie drawing by Lawyer.jpg (31784 bytes)

Katilyn as she might look without TCS.
By Karen Lawyer.

As she was working on the drawing, she caught Pam at Church one day and asked, "Does Katie have any Indian blood in her?"   Shocked, Pam replied that, yes, her birth father did have!  How did Karen arrive at that conclusion?  As she was drawing, the features and the Spirit kept whispering to her, "Manasseh."  We felt from that point that the Lord really inspired her to do this beautiful drawing of our Katilyn.