Class Period #7

  1. Review of Practice Test Scores: REMEMBER:  doing the actual questions from this databank is the KEY to passing the actual FAA Written Exam!
  2. Next Practice Test Sections: H317, H507, H540, H910, H911, H919, H983, J37 (47 q's)
  3. Quiz on last week's material.
  4. Do some airspeed problems on the flight computer
  5. Compasses and compass headings versus courses
    1. Compass errors
  6. Basic Aerodynamics - Prof UK Video
    1. left-turning tendencies
  7. Wind side of the flight computer
  8. VIDEO:  Propellers (start at 12:34 on Engine video)
  9. Altimeter - Slides (Review)
    1. Standard Day
    2. Standard Lapse Rate
    3. Types of Altitudes (ICE-T)
  10. More Tools:
    1. NOTAM Search:
    2. Temporary Flight Restriction
  11. Miscellaneous Facts:
    1. FARs and how they work (not every one of these questions will be discussed in class - you MUST go through these questions individually!):
      1. Airworthiness Directives, Part 39  
      2. Supplemental Oxygen, 4096 transponder, ELT batteries, inspection frequencies, airworthiness responsibility