Class Period #4

  1. NOTES:  Platinum starting to instruct in South Valley Airport SLC too!  You should have FOURpractice test scores to me by tonight, but most of you have only one or none.  Get on it!  Your grades are suffering!
  2. Review of Practice Test Scores
    1. Next set of practice questions on  B08, B09, H300, H567, H911, H931, H932, H933 - 57 q's
    2. REMEMBER:  doing the actual questions from this databank is the KEY to passing the actual FAA Written Exam!
  3. Powerplants (VIDEO)
  4. UVU FAA Testing Center INSTRUCTIONS:  call 801-863-7804
    1. Registration is done at the time of testing:  $150 ($10 discount with AOPA membership number)
  5. Compasses and compass headings
    1. Runway headings - "NAME THAT RUNWAY!"
  6. Continue Aircraft Systems Videos:  Oil-2, Hydraulic-1, Electrical-4, Environmental-1
    1. Fuel/Air Mixture (Candy demo)
  7. VIDEO:  Aircraft Systems (Gear-2, Fuel-5, Oil-2, Hydraulic-1, Electrical-4, Environmental-1)
  8. 2 questions on Lat/Long
  9. Using the E6B to figure out speeds, time and distance problems