Here are the expected costs for you to certify as a private pilot:

TOTAL: $8,850.00

  • Based on minimum FAA requirement of 40 flight hours
  • You may take longer, which could increase the costs
  • Pre-pay ground school, then pay-as-you-go for flights
  • Timing of this offer is critical: costs may rise the longer you wait!
  • Participants must commit to the entire ground school sequence in order to succeed: 17 Apr - 14 Aug 2018
  • You may start flying training while still doing ground school


Event Price
FAA Medical $125.00
Ground School $600.00
Aircraft Rental $5,560.00
Dual In-flight Instruction $1,485.00
Class Materials $300.00
Headset $180.00
FAA Written Exam $150.00
Practical Checkride $450.00



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