The Whicker Family 2009
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Cami & Shane

On 21 December, Shane passed his Physician Assistant Board Exam, giving him the right to use the title, P.A.C. (Physician Assistant Certified).  He has accepted a job as the main caregiver at the health clinic on the Shoshone Indian Reservation in Ely, Nevada, so they'll maintain their residence in that State - just a little further away than Las Vegas.  It's a little town, and housing is hard to come by, but this will be a wonderful new adventure for them - after 6 1/2 years of marriage and school, they're finally getting their start - and a good start it is!

Cami gave birth to child #3 on 10 June 2009, cute little Adelle, who is very much a Ford




P.A. Shane examines his daughter                                                           Cami flys to Ely for husband's job interview

                                                                                    Cade & Brinly, two tiny flyers in the back seat of Grandpa's airplane